Skills You Need to Master To Get Through an Apocalypse

According to the Mayan calendar, the world was suppose to have ended back in 2012. But here we are, four years later, and the world is still spinning. Despite our technological advances, we still cannot predict the end of the world. We don’t even know if it will end. Nonetheless, we also don’t know what the future holds for us. Wars, disease, climate change can cause catastrophic changes to our way of life as we know it. That is why we need to master a lot of skills to get through these events. Here are 4 end of the world survival skills that everyone should master:


Skill #1 – Animal Husbandry

Stores and groceries will be closed or worse, looted during these times. Food and water is your number one concern if you want to survive the end of the world. Having your own source of food will ensure that you don’t have to compete for food. And even if you don’t live to see the end of the world, you can save money by maintaining an independent source of food.

Skill #2 – Basic First Aid

According to a survey, about a quarter of Americans have not done anything to prepare for doomsday scenarios. That’s about 80 million who will fight for resources if something disastrous happens. Injuries are bound to happen, even to preppers. Hospitals will be full, and might be inaccessible. If you know basic first aid, you can take care of injuries on your own.

Skill #3 – Beekeeping

Whole Foods once demonstrated the importance of bees in food production by removing all items on their shelves that depend on them for pollination. The result was half empty shelves in the produce section. Beekeeping is not rocket science. You can make bees feel at home with just a pile of dirt and sand. It’s simple and yet very useful in growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Skill #4 – Bird Listening

How can you tell if there is danger coming? Look at the animals. Birds sound the alarm and the rest run for cover. At the same time, they also herald the change in weather or the arrival of help. It takes training in discernment to learn their repertoire of calls. You also have to know the birds indigenous to your area. But once you master them, you will be prepared for danger or know what to expect next.

There are plenty of skills that you need to master if you want to survive the end of the world. The four skills above are just the foundation. You can learn some more by reading the¬†lost ways survival book. Once you master them, continue adding to your repertoire of survival skills. It’s better to be over-prepared as plenty of these skills are useful even in everyday life.

How to get a girl to like you

Women are hard to understand, there are no simple steps to ensure that they will immediately like someone. However the language of desire reviews explain that there are certain attitudes and ways that could be done in order to become more interesting with women.


1. Have an interesting skill or hobby

Most women tend to gravitate towards men who are doing something interesting. It could be sports related, music related where they can play instruments or song writing. Girls love to be with men who can play the guitar, or paint or do is an interesting starting point, and way to get to know a man. Women would like to be with someone that can teach them something.

2. Confidence

Most women would love men who are confident. Confidence does not mean being cocky or mean. A man is confident if he knows what is dreams are in life, a man who knows how to accomplish his goals also become a very interesting and powerful looking man. If a man has his dreams and is already doing the necessary steps to get there, he could be viewed as someone reliable.

3. Be Funny and Witty

Men, who can make women laugh, can gain a lot of attention. Men who are able to make a woman laugh naturally attract women. With the right kind of humor women would feel safer around the guy, they can relax and give attention to what the guy is saying. They can feel safe and remain unguarded with their feelings instead of becoming too serious.

4. Have your own life

Men who are clingy are simply unattractive; men need to be able to have their own space in life.

They need to be able to have their own priorities and must not appear too possessive.

Women do not like men who are too clingy, a man needs to have self-respect and recognize their own self-worth in order to attract women.

5. Have a stable income

Women, will still choose a man who would be able to help them through life. Most women will still select a man who would be able to assist them financially. This is not in fact being a gold digger; it is just simply a way of life. If men are looking for decent women who can become the mother to their children- while women are looking for a man they can also depend upon financially.

It is hard to live a life of poverty, romance is good but if children come into the picture there are practical things that have to be purchased. Even simply going on a date or texting a girl will require money. A man has to be able to provide and show their strength if they like to attract and keep the woman in their life.

6. Learn to listen and communicate

Women want a man who is willing to listen to them when they talk, when they tell stories about their life. A man who can listen and provide support and care becomes endearing to women.